F-infotech is a social enterprise startup with the goal of creating opportunity for every person to reach their full potential with Digital Skills and Digital Medium as foundation platforms. We strongly believe, a digitally literate person can able to 1. find the required information 2. build skills related to their interests 3. create or find opportunities on their own through Digital platforms. Digital Literacy can help bridge the gap between Skills, Opportunity and Qualification by making people self-learnable and self-sustainable which can lead to empowerment of a common man.

Our goals align with the missions of following initiatives

Digital India (Power to Empower

National Digital Literacy Mission

Mozilla Learning Network

CoderDojo Foundation

Through our Digital Literacy training programs we help people as well as organizations to confidently participate and contribute in today’s Digital Era. Our training programs focus more on cultivating strong basics rather than on advanced concepts of Digital Technologies.

We as a social enterprise fully support the internet to be a public resource and control must remain in hands of the people. It’s the right of every person to chose the way they want to use the internet – so we want to focus only on the basics. With good basic foundation, person can explore things of their interest, learn, try, build skills and make opportunities to excel.

Our simplest of all goals, to make every person capable of finding answers to their unknowns all on their own using Digital medium. At the same time, we don’t want to encourage any kind of monopoly on the public resource. Eg:- Search engine is being completely dominated by “Google”.

Being a social enterprise, our primary goal is not to sell our service but to make a social change and impact. We are also not limited to any particular domain/vertical as Digital technology is almost a basic need. So, we don’t want to provide all details of our services here. If you are curious or interested in learning more about our work please reach out to : gauthamrajelango@gmail.com & +91-9487231521.

If our goals sounds exciting for you and want to join us in making a social change that will empower a common man to their full potential, please reach out to us.