Sync your running data from Nike Running Club + app to Strava account

With 100daysof running challenge starting tomorrow I am sure a lot of us will feel a mix of excitement, anxiety,etc.., a lot will be going through our heads. This year, 100 DOR recommend the use of Strava app for tracking runs over other similar variants like Runkeeper, Fitbit, Garmin, etc., For technical difficulties in uploading data to 100 DOR portal the use of NRC isn’t really recommended – just not recommended doesn’t mean you cannot use.

However, due to cool features of NRC app it is one of the leading apps being used by runners. This year, 100 DOR team automated our runs tracked using strava app to be logged automatically on their portal. For this very reason, it is better to use Strava.

I do understand we did a lot of running with NRC – achieved many milestones that you wish to continue. So, here is the how you can sync your data with your Strava account – which will automatically sync its data to 100 DOR portal.

Note: There is no direct method to sync data directly from NRC to Strava. We need to use a third party exporter – Nike + Exporter in our case.

Nike + Exporter is a web based application to sync our NRC run data to our Strava account.

Here is what you need to do,

1. Go to this link –

2. Click on “Here we go” button

3. Enter your NRC + app credentials. (If you don’t the credentials reset it through NRC app using “Forget Password” option)

4. You will get to see the page with all your NRC runs.

5. Next click on the “STRAVA” next to runkeeper in the right side. The screen will ask you to enter credentials for Strava.

6. One successful login, you will be able to see logo  of strava that is not highlighted.

7. To sync the run, click on the icon. When it turns green your run data is now synchronized with Strava.

8. Repeat the same for runs you prefer to be moved or for all the runs – you have to do this manually unless you are ok to pay for PRO account.

9. Once done, click on  Nike + on the left to logout.

10. You can check the synchronized running data either from your strava app or by logging into your account on Strava portal.

Here is what you need to do for the next 100 DOR :

1. You can use NRC app to track your run.

2. When you find time use the step above to sync run data to strava using Nike+ Exporter portal.

3. Once the auto log feature is enabled on 100 DOR portal. Data from our Strava account will be logged automatically to 100 DOR portal.

Here is what my Strava looks like,

Simple right? If you have any questions use the comment section below. Happy to help 🙂

Happy Running. Good luck.

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