Combine Nike Run Club run and Strava run of same day into one run

At times, we may be in a situation to run more than once in a day. That too with two different apps for tracking the run. At the end of the day, we may want to combine those runs into one.

It’s simple and easy. All you need to do was to obtain GPX files of your runs from respective apps – from Nike+ and Strava in our case.

Follow the below procedure :

To obtain GPX files of your Nike+ runs you have to go Nike+ exporter and login using your NRC app credentials as mentioned in this article.

When you login you will get all your runs along with the option to download its GPX file. Get the files for runs you desire to combine.

Next, go to strava account through their website and go the run activity. On the left, click the actions button, which will show you the option to export GPX file.


When you have the GPX files ready. It’s time to combine them into one.

Go to this link and upload the two or more files.

In few mins, combined GPX file will be ready for download. Download the same and upload it manually to your Strava account by clicking the + button at the top right.

It worked for me in multiple instances.

Try out. Good luck 🙂


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