Nike Run Club app missing route map on Apple Watch Series 3 – SOLVED

Recently, I came across the problem of my Nike Run Club app runs tracked on Apple Watch series 3 not showing the route map. Distance, Pace, Time and HR are accurate. Just the route map of my run was not shown up. This is unfair even after spending few hundred dollars on Apple Watch still not getting your runs mapped.

After multiple experiments including several on and off in both iPhone and apple watch, I hope to find a solution to the problem.

Below are some of the scenario’s you need be aware of,

Scenario 1:

You have your watch and phone while you are running. Make sure you have the internet turned on in your phone and wifi is turned off on your watch. Else, you won’t get the route map only the pace meter.

Scenario 2:

You have your watch left the phone back at home. Make sure the wifi on your Apple watch is turned off. This forces the NRC app to use the in-built GPS that map our route.

My Recommendation:

After spending quite a few dollars on Apple Watch Series 3 which comes along with in-built GPS. It is recommended to leave the phone either at home or in the car (make sure the watch doesn’t connect with the phone while you are in the move). and enjoy the run. You don’t really want to carry too many gadgets.

Once you are back after the run. Watch automatically connects to the phone and run gets sync on iPhone with complete details including the route map.

I have been doing this for the last couple of weeks and everything goes well.

Just my 2 cents. Try it out and let me know if this helped you.

Happy Running.

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