Digital Literacy as a tool for self-empowerment

We at F-infotech, being a social enterprise have the focus of self-empowerment of the common man to reach their full potential with digital literacy as foundation platform. From our research study, we realized self-learning and self-sustainability are the two key things for self-empowerment. Having the ability to find answers to one’s unknown by themselves will lay a strong foundation for self-empowerment. Digital Literacy can provide the set of required skills for being able to explore things, identify areas of interest, develop skills, dive deeper to expertise and create/find opportunities in the same.

When everyone is capable of finding their required information and summarize it to have proper understanding, will open limitless windows of opportunities. In present scenario, affordable smartphone and mobile internet prices contributed a lot in the growth of smartphone and internet users across India. However, the usage is mostly limited to communication and entertainment. With some proper approach, it will be possible to make people see digital literacy and devices as source of information and positive growth.

Social anxiety, fear of being judged, shyness, etc., act as a barrier in expressing one’s thought/opinion freely in public. But, with digital skill of using search engine and evaluating credibility of information will help to over come the problem and can improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

We believe from our study that cultivating the strong basics of digital literacy is sufficient to serve the purpose. Providing too much information will end up pushing our own agenda on people and disrupt their freedom of choice and expression. It is the right of every individual to decide how and for what they use digital medium.

We are running an online campaign to create awareness on Digital Literacy and medium as tool for self-empowerment. It is an online pledge campaign. We invite you to participate and support our effort in making the much needed social change.

Link to the campaign.

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