Problem Solving – the 21st Century Skill

Recent research have proven that 21st century skills are very important for everyone to effectively use and participate in today’s world. The four 21st century skills are,
1. Problem Solving
2. Creativity
3. Collaboration
4. Communication
We will be discussing the above skills in our perspective one by one this week. Here is our take on Problem Solving:
Problem Solving:
In today’s scenario, the problem solving capability among kids and youth always remains a challenge. Problem solving skills must be cultivated in the early grass root stages and nurtured as they grow up. Due to the effect of traditional education system and in the battle of mark & rank race problem solving skills are less developed. Infact, majority of people are not sure about the approach or process to follow to solve problem.
For us, Problem Solving is a skill that can’t be learned but earned. To earn the skill, you have to get the right environment and opportunity.
To learn something you should feel free to accept your ignorance and ask others to teach you. But, it doesn’t happen most of the time. It’s because people are either being judgmental or shy or something related with Ego and there can be other reasons too.
With Digital Literacy, the person will be able to search, find, summarize, evaluate, create and share on their own. It is more of a assured knowledge sharing with only one person involved that removes the emotional troubles in communication. In short, they can be self-learnable.
Self-learnability will help grow and nurture the Problem solving skills over the period of time. This is the reason why, we believe in the importance of providing strong basics of Digital literacy can empower common man and do wonders.
What’s you take on this?
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