Protect Your Gmail Accounts – Beware of latest Phishing

If you are Gmail account user (probably you are, when you have an android device) this is a must read for you. There is a new scam by hackers in play to get your gmail username and password. It is a type of well planned Phishing even advanced user might fell into the trap.

Here is the gist of the issue:

1. Few Gmail users are being targeted through emails. You will receive an email from a valid email address listed in your address book/contacts – so will not be auto filtered as spam & probably you will open for sure.

2. The email will have interesting subject line and attachment as a PDF file mostly.

3. But, it isn’t an attachment. It is an embedded image with some hacker codes on it.

4. When you click the attachment it will take you to Gmail login page. Page will look same as that of proper gmail login page.

5. But it’s not. You can identify the difference only in the address bar where you get to see some appended texts in front of “…..”

6. When you enter your gmail credentials the script written by the hackers will send your username and password to the hacker.

7. The login process will be successful making you to believe everything is normal.

8. Next time when you get emails with attachments that opens new login page on click. Be aware and double check the URL bar.

In this Google dominating (they have all your details of your online behavior) Digital world you don’t want to lose your credentials to hackers which can lead to total misuse of your Digital footprints. With you google credentials it is easy for smart hacker minds to figure out all your personal and sensitive data.

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