Digital Literacy & Web Literacy in Society

Digital platform and tools are helping people to communicate and keep up with changes in the society. Digital Literacy in web and social media help people be in contact, pass timely information and sell goods and services.

Digital Literacy can help people to stay away from fraudulent and fake activities on the web. Digital Literacy enable people to identify the right and wrong on digital medium. E-mail frauds and other unauthorized approaches often taken advantage of digital illiterates costing them loss of money and vulnerable identity theft.

Difference in level of digital literacy depends on the levels of age and education of every individual. Among youth, digital literacy is very high from the operational dimension while skills needed to critically evaluate the found content found to be lacking.


Digital creativity is a concept that was built over Digital Literacy referring to the use of digital skills in digital medium. Programming, creation of websites, evaluation and manipulation of digital content are some examples of digital creativity.

In Social network aspect, person with digital literacy posses the major and strong voice. Social network help people create their own digital identity.

Without digital literacy or assistance from someone who is a digital literate, one cannot possess a personal digital identity. This is closely aligned to Web Literacy.

Now tell us, how you created your personal identity ?

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