Emotional Literacy – Is it a cultural core element of Digital Literacy?

Emotional Literacy is the term use to describe the ability to understand and express feelings. Emotional literacy involves,

  1. Self awareness
  2. Recognition of ones own feelings
  3. Knowing how to manage the feelings


Emotional Literacy gives the ability to stay calm when in anger and to reassure oneself when in doubt.

It involves a lot of empathy – putting yourself in the shoes of other person and feel the situation or circumstances.

Emotional literate people able to develop self-disciple to control and make use of their emotions to reach their personal goals.

Emotional literacy involves both being able to recognize and adapt to others feelings as well as to manage and express ones own emotions effectively. This helps with improved communication skills and enhanced relationship with others.

For us, Emotional literacy falls under the cultural element among the eight core elements of digital literacy. What do you think?



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