Design Process & Steps in Design Thinking

Design Process:

Design process is what puts design thinking into action. It is a structured approach for generating and evolving ideas. Design process is deeply human approach – relies on ones ability to interpret what they observe and develop ideas that are emotionally meaningful for those they are designing solutions for.

Design thinking process first defines the problem and then implements the solution. This process focus on finding the need, understanding, creating, thinking and doing. Every design process have five steps – from identifying the need to finding and building desirable, technologically feasible and economically viable solutions.

Steps in Design Thinking:

There are five steps in any design thinking process. They are,

  1. Empathize
  2. Define
  3. Ideate
  4. Prototype
  5. Test



Design Thinking is deeply based on human elements. During this phase, designer will work to fully understand the need and experience of people for who they are designing for. Observations, Interaction and immersing yourself in experience of target audience are some of the ways to Empathize.


Findings and observations from Empathy work must be synthesized to form a user point of view that will be addressed in your design. Defining the design challenge is very important as it bring clarity and focus to the work.


Ideate process  starts with process of  Brainstorming where there are no rules, all ideas are welcome and encouraged. Wide variety of possible solutions are explored through the generation of large quantity of diverse possible solutions. You should step beyond the obvious and explore a range of ideas.


Next steps is to transform your ideas into a physical form so that designer can interact and experience with target audience. In the process, designer can learn and develop more empathy. It is important to keep in mind, Prototypes to be used to gather more insights, not to end up as a solution immediately.

By creating and testing something, you can continue to learn and improve your initial ideas


Use your observations, findings, insights and feedback from earlier step to refine existing prototypes, learn more about the user and alter your point of view. Test is an iterative process that has to be continued until best possible, desirable, technologically feasible and economically viable solutions are arrived.

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